Our design practice is rooted in a profound wonder of architecture, furniture, textiles and the decorative arts from global human history. We relish in bringing historic spaces, unique sites, and new concepts to life in the twenty-first century by celebrating their idiosyncrasies and layering in references from an array of periods, both real and imagined. The idea is not to recreate the past in a rigid, historically accurate way, but to offer the guest a romantically immersive experience as if in a nostalgic memory, even if this memory could never have existed. This establishes a level of familiarity and comfort as a basis for guests to be immersed into a totally new experience with a pleasant sense of déjà vu.

We do this by asking ourselves at every juncture of the design process if the details feel right for the identity - from a screw, to a chair, to an entire bar. Whether rooted in the history of the site or in a newly fabricated concept, it is hugely important to us that the spaces feel naturally collected and layered. We custom make a majority of our finishes and pieces, with select Vintage and Antiques to fill out the edges.


We work closely with Operators and Architects to ensure a confident symbiosis between the structure, interiors, and guest experience. 


For us it is most important that our guests feel comfortable, delighted, and to know that they couldn't possibly be anywhere but where they are. 

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With a background in Interior Design and Film & Video production, Adam has been an in-house design leader for boutique Hospitality developers in New York, London & Los Angeles for over ten years. Adam has developed singular Hotel properties from concept to completion, including the Pod 39 Hotel in New York and the Ned in London; collaborating with chef April Bloomfield, Soho House, and the Sydell Group. He founded GRECODECO as an independent practice in 2017 to co-produce uniquely individual projects in idiosyncratic sites internationally. 


Alice joins GRECODECO as Design Director with her wealth of experience in finely detailed European and Asian Interior Design projects. With a background in Stagecraft and over a decade of working in Interior Design, Alice has lead design projects in private practices and for Hospitality group Soho House. She has recently completed the Ned Hotel in London. Previous projects include re-imagining restaurant spaces and cultural sites such as the British Museum's Great Court Restaurant. 

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